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SOD May Sweeps Spoilers

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    SOD May Sweeps Spoilers

    "Oh my God, hold on to your seat," teases Co-Head Writer Scott Hamner. "There will be three weddings and surprise returns from past characters that will affect everyone on the canvas."

    Victor/Ashley/Nikki: "Victor, Ashley and Nikki have a huge storyline which is front and center, and it's going to revisit a lot of show history. Nikki and Victor can never completely escape each other, but what I think is really interesting about their relationship is we're not simply telling the same story over and over."

    Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: "We're turning the foursome upside down, but in terms of who decides to be with whom and how this all plays out, all bets are off. Phyllis's buttons have now been pushed and she's going to be unpredictable."

    Kay/Jill: "There's the potential for fireworks, but the story is based on emotions and the bond they share. It's going to be a fight for both of them as to whether they continue with this relationship or not."

    Weddings: "Of the weddings, I can tell you that Kay and Murphy are walking down the aisle. We were all very interested in telling the story about finding love late in life. The other big wedding is going to be a coming together of characters who've known each other a very long time and are principal characters. They've both had involvements with other people over the years, and for them to find each other is going to be very satisfying. Again, it's a very unexpected romance."

    Adam/Victor: "We're going to continue to see more of the darkness that is within Adam."

    Mary Jane: "She has a very dark side. She is willing to pretty much go to any length to get what she wants. But the complications and twists and fun in this story are going to be about this very carefully crafted plan of Victor's going awry."

    Billy/Mac/Chloe: "He's torn between the drama of having a family with Chloe and the draw of Mackenzie returning with new obstacles to keep them apart."

    Kevin/Jana/Amber/Daniel/Gloria/Michael: "This story is about hope because Kevin is a survivor and he continues to fight against the effects of this. His loved ones rally around him. Jana's headaches are about the bond she and Kevin share, but it's possible that there could be something more going on there than we first thought."

    " o mio Dio allaciate le cinture sicuerezza scherza il cosceneggiatore Scott Hammer perchè ci saranno tre matrimoni e una carattere dal passato che sconvolgerà tutti nella storia.
    Vecchi triangoli ritornano per il 15 round ahahahahah una nuova storia ci sarà tra Nikki Ashley e Victor, perchè nonostante i cattivi rapporti tra Nikki e Victor ora il loro legame non si spezzerà mai.
    Nuova girandola di emozione tra Jack/phyllis/Nick e sharon
    Nuovo capitolo della saga delle due rivali per eccellenza Jill e karthrine ne vedremo delle benne
    Matrimoni : amore tra due persone in tarda età sarà emozionamente e tneere il matrimonio tra kathrine e Murphy.Ci sarà un altro grosso matrimonio tra due personaggi principali ( Ashley e Victor lol).poi ci saranno inattese storie d'amore
    Il lato oscuro di Mary Jane le farà ottenere quello che vuole e questo renderà felice Victor che vuole vendicarsi su jack
    La storia di Kevin un sovravissuto continua lui lotterà con gli effetti causati da Clint( vedi torture psicologiche che hanno portato alla rapina).Questa storia avrà dei sviluppi interessanti che nessuno si aspettata che arivasse lì... vedremo coinvolti nella storia micheal, kevin, Jana, Daniel, Amber e Gloria.

    Chloe felice di esser sposata con Billy è minacciata da una donna molto importante nella vita di Billy: Mac.
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