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    Y&R Spoilers

    Spoilers for the Week of April 20, 2009

    Neil signs the death warrant on his marriage

    Tyra wins custody of Ana

    Karen is devastatingly betrayed

    An emergency puts Ashley under a doctor's care

    Jack has a disturbing conversation with Adam

    Cane is touched by the outcome of Ana's case

    The Chipmunk torments Kevin

    Cane and Chloe reach a surprising accord

    Neil and Karen have a no holds barred fight

    A tipsy Jill nearly blows Victor's cover to Ashley

    Progress is made in Kevin's case

    Karen leaves Genoa City

    Chloe mouths off to Mackenzie, who refuses to back down

    Bad advice leads Lauren to press charges

    Mac is affected by Billy's declaration of love to his wife and daughter

    Kay throws Marge a memorial service

    Sharon concludes that the only right thing to do is to admit all

    Cane drops the case and vows to be a wonderful uncle

    Nick tells Sharon she should just let it all go away

    Kay and Murphy make wedding plans

    The fourth time is the charm for Cane and Lily

    Jill and Kay get thisclose to kissing and making up

    Heather confesses that she's still in love with Adam

    Jack is shocked when Mary Jane reveals her unfriendly side

    Nick cajoles Lauren into dropping the charges

    Michael gets disappointing news about Kevin

    Furious to think Sharon will experience no consequences, Phyllis goes straight to the top with her complaints

    Jana is stricken when Kevin mistakes her for Amber

    Victor is shocked to hear that Sharon stole Sabrina's egg

    Victor reaches out to his troubled former daughter in law

    Thwarted again, Phyllis asks Heather to prosecute the theft of the monkeys

    Victor comes to realize that Phyllis set Sharon up

    Sharon and Phyllis have a heated argument

    Nick's interference provokes Sharon to ask him to leave her alone, forever

    Lily makes a significant gesture to Cane, indicating she's ready to start their journey as a family

    Spoilers for Next Week

    Katherine's joy is complete when she becomes Mrs. Patrick Murphy

    What seems to be a diabolical plot puts Ashley at risk

    Colleen stays one move ahead of Victor

    Jack hits the sack with Mary Jane

    Turnabout hits Phyllis between the eyes when it's her turn in handcuffs

    Spoilers for down the road: May Sweeps

    Nikki and Victor remain in each other's orbit, but will they ever be able to start anew and get back together?

    Kay and Murphy take a walk down the aisle.

    A second wedding involves a couple that has a past together.

    Phyllis' unpredictable behavior makes her even more of a force to be reckoned with.

    Billy is torn between Chloe and Mackenzie.

    Two faces from the past shake things up for the Chancellor and Abbott families.

    Sharon's shocking pregnancy further complicates her relationships and puts her fragile mental stability in further peril.

    Mary Jane's dark past is revealed, with surprising implications for another Genoa City resident.

    Spoilers form SoapCentral

    - Nick and Phyllis will decide to try to work there marriage out , Victor hires someone to investigate who trashed Sharon room and finds out it was Phyllis. That's what finally pushes Nick and Phyllis apart. Phyllis gets arrested with the help of Victor. Sharon will find out she is Prego's and there will be more then one heart beat.

    -Noah asks Eden to marry him.

    -Lane will try for another baby but will run into problems trying to conceive only to find out that Lilly has a problem.

    -Kevin may never come out at the top again.

    -Jana has a mental connection with Kevin and when he feels pain or is scared she gets a massive headache.

    -Kay and Murphy will get together to write another Book with Amber.

    -The Abbott's will receive Jabot back as a present.

    -Michael and Lauren will have some rough patches.

    -Nicky and Victor become closer again.

    -Mac And Billy have Sex and Chloe walks in on them.

    -Adam has a new love interest and its not heather.

    -Paul reconnects with someone from his past.