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Don Diamont (Bill Spencer)

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    Ma tipo far crescere Will in Beautiful e dargli la parte?
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      Fino al giorno in cui mi minacciarono di non lasciarmi più leggere, non seppi di amare la lettura: si ama, forse, il proprio respiro?


        Ma tutti maschi poi? Non gli passa più


          Lui sì che potrebbe entrare nel cast che figo


            a chi interessasse c'è un giovanissimo bill spencer al detective in corsia

            oppaccia sei una zecca fastidiosa e irritante, ti detesto!ADDIO!!!! episodio 6282: la broccola offre prestazioni sessuali in cambio di favori


              Ma è il figlio??'
              TEAM BROOKE & HOPE FOREVER!!!!
              Al rogo Steffaccia e indegna madre!!!
              5/8/2019 Finally Hope&Beth


                Sì uno dei tanti, nella pagina prima trovi una foto recente con tutta la mandria!


                  NO FALLO qualche figlio eh..... xd
                  TEAM BROOKE & HOPE FOREVER!!!!
                  Al rogo Steffaccia e indegna madre!!!
                  5/8/2019 Finally Hope&Beth


                    4 dalla prima moglie, due dall'attuale, se non sbaglio al momento del divorzio dalla prima ebbe lui la custodia per cui sono cresciuti tutti insieme con la seconda consorte


                      tutti figli maschi
                      è proprio un bill spencer inside che produce solo maschi. cmq grande sclero tutti sti maschi... povere mogli!

                      Dopo due dècadi


                        ahahah 😁
                        Fino al giorno in cui mi minacciarono di non lasciarmi più leggere, non seppi di amare la lettura: si ama, forse, il proprio respiro?


                          B&B Spotlight: Don Diamont Dishes On Bill's Drama
                          The B&B actor talks his summer plans, football, Bill's affair, and more.

                          You know Don Diamont as the cunning Bill Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful, but did you know that he is an avid football fan and grillmaster? When he's not running Spencer Publications, Don spends his time watching his kids toss the pigskin.

                          Don chatted with about his favorite foods, sports, and Bill's drama-filled summer. Read on for all the details.

                          What is one of the best things to do over summer?
                          Don Diamont:
                          One of the best things is, of course, to hang out with your family and to take a nice vacation. In our case, we went to Hawaii for a week as soon as the kids got out of school: Waikiki for a few days and Maui for the rest of it. We just had so much fun surfing and hiking and eating and sightseeing. It was just a really fun vacation. We try to cram in as much family time as possible. We go to the beach a lot. All the kids are athletes, so they're involved in their various sports and activities. We barbecue a lot and just hang out!

                          What are some of your favorite summer foods?
                          My Hoisin garlic ribs are pretty famous. They're kind of, you know, neighborhood famous. Everyone waits for them on the Fourth of July. We have a block party every year—it starts early in the morning with a little kid parade, and then there's a dodgeball game and a softball game and swimming at a couple of homes in the neighborhood. Then, there's the potluck BBQ where all the tables are placed out in the street, and everybody comes out and shares food. I did ribs, pork and beef, and steak. I was very busy. I don't think I sat down from the moment I woke up until late that evening. It's a long day, but it's a fun day.

                          What's the one thing you have to get done before summer ends?
                          It's the kick-off of football season and it just takes over our lives. So, there isn't something I want to get done; it just becomes all football all the time from August to December. Our house becomes shuffling kids to practice and back and going to games. This year's going to be rough because our 15-year-old's games will be Friday nights, and then I'll have to get on a red-eye to go to my college-aged son's games in Indiana. My 13-year-old son plays on Saturdays, too. It's going to be crazy. It's all-encompassing for my wife and me.

                          Bill has a lot of drama in his life. How is he handling things?
                          If Bill is anything, he is resilient. He perseveres. That's sort of what the sword that he wears around his neck represents. He has a lot of emotional and mental fortitude. He always believes he will find his way through any given situation. That's how he got to where his is. So, it's always sort of darkest before the dawn for him.

                          What do you think it will take for Bill to regain Liam's trust?
                          That's going to take some time. And, as I think he said, Liam is still on the outside looking in, and while you could certainly argue that there was some hypocrisy in Bill's behavior, he still felt in his mind that he was doing what he had to do to actually keep the family together. He felt that staying in the marriage was no longer tenable. He was doing it in a way that, given the fragility of Katie's well-being and the marriage troubles, that the only way he could stay committed to the marriage is if he could have his time with Brooke. It did create a hypocrisy regarding the advice he was giving his boys. But, it was very complicated.

                          In terms of gaining back Liam's trust, that will come in time. There's a little bit of people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Liam has been in and out of relationships and marriages, and so I think some of the initial judgment will sort of subside. Bill has been there for Liam in every way, shape, and form. Though he's not supporting him in going after Steffy, he's the voice of reason. There's certainly a "do as I say, not as I do."

                          This situation didn't happen in a vacuum. There were a lot of elements to it, and that's what he's trying to get Liam to appreciate. And, listen, sometimes you have confrontations. Liam was disappointed and frustrated by his father's behavior, but he knows that his father loves him. He's not cognizant of everything that's taken place in the Katie relationship or the Brooke relationship.

                          What's it like working with Katherine Kelly Lang and Heather Tom?
                          I'm just very blessed to work with such wonderfully talented actresses. Having them be such wonderful people, in addition to being so extraordinarily talented, makes everything all the better. At least, when you're doing emotional scenes, you know you're on the same page as the people you're working with.

                          Do you think that Bill will ever find true happiness?
                          I think there will be times when he's content and fulfilled, but that other shoe is inevitably going to drop. He is who he is, and he's going to persevere, and he's going to find his way through the fire. There's no quit in him.

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                            Exclusive Interview: The Bold and the Beautiful’s Don Diamont

                            0BY JEEVAN BRAR ON NOVEMBER 10, 2016EXCLUSIVES, SOAPS

                            Don Diamont is known to daytime audiences as both Brad Carlton, the role he played on The Young and the Restless from 1985 until 2009 and as Bill Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful. We caught up with the actor during his visit to Toronto to reflect on his transition from one soap to another and what’s coming up for Brooke and Bill on B&B and which pairing he’d like to revisit!

                            You appeared at The National Women’s Show here this past weekend. How was it?
                            It was a good turn out. The fans were excited. We did a great Q&A and I signed autographs. It was for charity. We raised money for ovarian cancer research.

                            You were also at the Paley Center on Friday for B&B’s event. Busy weekend.
                            Yeah, I’ve been busy.

                            How would the fan encounters here in Canada compare to the ones in the U.S.? We don’t get that many soap star visits.
                            Canadians are generally polite and under control. [Laughs] Always very nice.

                            Did you encounter more Bill & Brooke (played by Katherine Kelly Lang) fans or Bill & Katie (played by Heather Tom) fans over the weekend?
                            Both! “Batie” and “Brill!”

                            There was also that pairing with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) which I’m sure still has fans. That was hot.
                            Right? It’s so funny that you say that…

                            What happened to that?
                            They thought that getting Steffy into a triangle with Liam (Scott Clifton) would do what it has done. It has legs. It went from the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle to now the Liam/Steffy/Wyatt triangle.

                            Both of Bill’s sons… Which isn’t creepy at all.
                            I guess they were hoping that the audience would forget that bill and Steffy had this really intense relationship. I hope that we go down that road again at some point. Going down that road with Steffy would create a lot of strife for Bill. It would be interesting.

                            Bill could tell his sons that they don’t deserve her!
                            That’s right! The big dog had to step in.

                            Do you think B&B relies too heavily on triangles?
                            I can’t really say that. It’s obviously working. It’s been very successful.

                            Has there been a triangle or storyline where you’ve gotten to use your acting chops a little more?
                            A triangle creates the obvious angst but probably the issues that Bill has with his sons, Liam and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and some of those confrontations.

                            And then there’s Quinn (Rena Sofer).
                            [Laughs] That was an interesting few weeks there!

                            Those love scenes must have been fun to film.
                            Yeah, they were pretty…specific. At one point I was supposed to rip her shirt open and I unhooked her bra! “Whoops, sorry!” I ended up pulling her in so that the crew couldn’t see. I covered her up very quickly.

                            Was that scene more intense to film or was it back on Y&R when Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) gave Brad a heart attack in bed?
                            Oh my gosh… They didn’t want to call it a heart attack. They ended up calling it an “episode.” That’s right… That was a long time ago. I didn’t even remember that.

                            Let’s get into that transition from Y&R to B&B. You were there for two decades.
                            Yes. A little over that.

                            And now you’ve been on B&B for seven years. Y&R turned Brad into a “Bradcicle.” What was it like leaving Y&R?
                            At the time it was emotional. I had been there my whole adult life. I had been through a lot of stuff on that show. A lot of friends were there. But, I hadn’t been happy there for a while. Quite a while, actually. Story-wise.

                            Like the reliquary?
                            Well, I thought that there were some very positive aspects of that story at first. With Brad’s backstory and Judaism. That was great. I loved that we finally looked into Brad’s past. The reliquary story was sort of out there but I loved that this was where we found out about his past. As for the reliquary itself, I’ll leave that to the audience to decide. But getting into his past was great.

                            So when that came to an end, it was bittersweet. I wasn’t thrilled with the story. I was frustrated with what was going on. I kind of felt like I was caught up in something that had political hierarchal things that had nothing to do with me. As it turns out, leaving was the best thing in the world. It turned out to be quite the blessing.
                            B&B must have been a much happier set to go to.
                            Going to B&B was much more like what Y&R used to be when Bill [Bell] was at the helm. So going over to B&B and only having one voice and that’s [head writer and executive producer]Brad Bell’s voice – it couldn’t be better.

                            Well, they’re hoping that will soon be with Sally Sussman Morina coming on board.
                            Yes, I know from my friends right across the hall that it is. I know that quite a few of the actors are thrilled to have Sally there. She understands the history and knows what made the show great in the first place. Her tenure is being very well received. Hopefully, she sticks around a long time.

                            It was a long time coming. It was very telling when former head writer Maria Arena Bell killed off characters named Brad and Colleen!
                            She did kill off Brad and Colleen. [Laughs]

                            But now you’re playing Bill, so that’s fine.

                            The fans did notice all this.
                            Yeah… It was quite an interesting period. Everything happens for a reason. It’s the classic “one door closes and another one opens.” That was really my attitude about it. I didn’t know that I would be going to B&B and get to play this guy. That’s what life holds for you. I ended up being included in People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive issue exactly a year after being fired from Y&R! Then Soap Opera Digest named Bill as their “Best New Character.”

                            He’s a fun character to watch!
                            I love it. I love Bill. He’s what you see is what you get. He’s right in your face. He really tries to do the right thing or believes that he’s doing the right thing. He has to make the tough choices. He’s the guy who will walk the walk. A lot of characters will just talk the talk. He feels that he has strength and the emotional fortitude to face things that other people can’t. He’s a very multidimensional character who compartmentalizes his feelings. I love playing this character. It’s so much fun.

                            Bill recently called off his wedding to Brooke. Next week, he asks her to elope!
                            He sort of wants to put what had happened behind them. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get married; it was all about the moment for him. It was sullied by Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) showing up. Is that how you want to look back at your wedding day? He’s ready to move forward but it’s not going to be quite as easy as he wants it to be.

                            Right, there’s Brooke and Ridge’s son, RJ (Anthony Turpel) to consider.
                            That’s right! That monkey in the wrench, as they say. He’s the cog in the wheel. So that creates some problems.

                            B&B has gone on some amazing locations. Do you have any favourites?
                            They are all so different and fun. Aspen was beautiful. Monte Carlo was a blast. Abu Dhabi and Dubai were fun. Ripping around in the Lamborghini! Each trip was unique. Brad takes really great care of us.

                            Is there a co-star that you’d like to work a little more with?
                            I’ve been so blessed to work with Heather and Kelly. They’re the best. I think that working with Jackie again would be a lot of fun. I think it would create so much drama… Hamlet-like. You’d have Ridge freaking out but it would be all about the friction between Bill, Wyatt and Liam. They’ve had their father/son issues before but nothing like what this would create. So that’s a dynamic situation and conflict that I think would be pretty intense to play.


                              Meglio di quanto mi aspettassi
                              Sui Batie e Brill dice solo che incontra fan di ambedue le coppie in egual misura, poi parla solo di Steffy, di come gli sceneggiatori pensano che ora che lei è con i due bambocci (parola mia) i fan si devono dimenticare di quanto c'è stato, ma a lui piacerebbe tirare fuori la cosa di nuovo visto i drammi che si porterebbe dietro


                                aah se solo Bell lo ascoltasse