Alright, so I came up with an idea of generalizing everybody's tastes in a funny way. I'm gonna do this for some MoFos to show you what I mean:

Cobpyth - every classic movie is a masterpiece
Daniel M - every Lynch film is a masterpiece
Guaporense - every anime with little girls is a masterpiece
mark f - everything by Wilder and Spielberg is a masterpiece, the rest is
Miss Vicky - everything with Joaquin Phoenix is a masterpiece
Mr Minio - everything kinky or contemplative is a masterpiece
Sexy Celebrity - every Asian movie is trash and shouldn't be included on any Top MoFo list
The Rodent - Young Guns is a mastepiece
TokeZa - everything obscure and foreign is a masterpiece
Yoda - Wars is Star a masterpiece
movies soundtrack

Your turn! You can generalize another MoFos as well as those who's already been on my list. It's up to you.